Adelaide Tourist and Travelers Inn, Inc. 

It was last June 8, 2016, when I got my new work in Adelaide! 
It was two days ago when I celebrated my 1year anniversary. 
When I look back from the day I started, wow, just wow, mix of all emotions, been so much thankful fo everything, all the ups and downs have teach me a lot. 
Thank you so much for everything!
Heres Adelaide photo, I took few weeks ago. 



Haven’t visited or updated this page  for a quite some time! 
Miss this place right here.. 
I wanted to post RANDOM PHOTOS of happenings this year! 
In January, we celebrated Janvie’s 1st Birthday! Trevie’s little brother.. 

And on Valentines day of February, we celebrated Trevie’s 2nd birthday! 
 Full of Celebrations eh?

Feeling Amazed!

How could you? How could you grow up that fast? I can’t help myself to adore you even more. My dear, please don’t grow up too fast, but I guess you already are. 
Everytime you talk so loud at 4am, everytime you sleep head down and butt up, everytime you pull my hair & pinch my nose trying to wake me up, everytime you sleep almost whole morning and play almost the whole night, everytime you smile so sweet at me the moment I greet you Good Morning, everytime you look for me the moment I go out of our room door, everytime you cry in your sleep because you realize I went outside, everytime you talk to me in random syllables which I cannot understand, everytime you choose to sleep in my place rather than yours, everytime you go near me signaling me to hug you, everytime you giggles when I kiss your neck, everytime you watch your favorite Old Macdonald without blinking, everytime you kick and kick when taking a bath, everytime you suck those three fingers of yours rather than finishing your milk, everytime you clap your hands together with you feet, everytime you act like counting as if you already know it, everytime you eat sweet fresh potato rather than cerlac banana flavor, everytime you tap your butt signaling me to make you sleep, everytime you chase that ray of sunlight hoping to touch and feel it, everytime you make me smile not knowing if I’m feeling better or not, I ask myself, how could God give me a so much adorable son, who is so sweet, so loving, so charming, a treasure in a very young age. Everyday I’m so thankful, I feel blessed, very happy and very very lucky. Thank you, Lord! 
Today, you are already 7months bebe, wishing you more months and years to come. Daddy & Mommy love you so so much Trevie! 


I was Gone for a while because.. 

My first time being in the delivery room, I keep on telling myself, “I can do this, I can do this! Just breathe in and breathe out” I keep on fighting this pain that is hitting me every minute. But, the doctor advised me, “Not Yet”. I went back to my room, as I wait there doing random of things just to ease the pain I was feeling, someone knock into the door, it was my Mom, what a relief. The second time I went back to the delivery room, nurses can still ask me questions and I can still answer, then this time I get the same advise from my doctor. Still I went back to my room, eventhough my whole body don’t want to, while I was on my room, I was praying asking for more strenght to bare the pain, I don’t want to be touched because a little touch can send a pain all over my body. The third time I went to the delivery room, 4cm, this can’t be, my body is shaking, I think I will collapse in no time, but again, I was advised to go back to my room, while I was on my room, I think I’m going to die, but No, I know someone inside me is fighting, Do Not Give Up! Then my doctor went into my room, it was unusual, my cm was not increasing but the pain keeps on repeating, she checked the heartbeat of my little angel, there goes the pain and my baby’s heartbeat is no good from 150 to 120 to 70 and 50. I was brought to the delivery room again, this time, they focused to my baby’s heartbeat, it’s no good. Cord Coil! Ceasarean Section announced! Ah, at that time, I felt relief. I was brought to the operating room, Oh c’mon, this is it! Just in a while I’ll see you my little angel. 

An hour later, a baby boy in blue everything was shown to me, I kissed Him and he was brought by the nurse to the NewBorn Intensive Care Unit. 

This all happened to me on the Valentines Day of the Year 2015! I’m only 22, and I’m proud of it! Our Baby is turning 3months in 2weeks! 

my baby’s picture minutes after operation!